Family and Relationships

We realise how important positive and supportive relationships with family, friends and others can be to living a happy, safe and successful life. So, we will support you to have a strong and safe support network around you.

Creating a strong and safe support network

If you want to, your personal adviser can advise and support you to get in touch with people who are special to you or who cared for you in the past.  They can also support you to re-connect with family in cases where it will be a positive step for you.  They can help you to develop healthy relationships with friends and family and help you keep safe.  Click here to find out how to get a PA if you haven’t already got one.

Understanding your life history

If and when you want to we will help you to understand your time in care and your life history, including your case files.  This can include support to trace your family if needed and support with extra emotional support if you need it as we understand this can be a challenging time.  Speak to your personal adviser if you would like to look at this.

Independent Advocates – supporting your rights as a care leaver

You have the right to have support from an Independent Advocate who can help you to be involved in all the decisions about when you leave care and your plans for leaving care.  They inform you of your rights and help you to be heard in meetings.  They can help you if you’re not happy with the decisions your personal adviser makes about the support they give you.  Independent Advocates don’t work for social services or the Council, they are completely separate from us, and work for a different organisation.  If you would like an Independent Advocate call Freephone 0808 901 9488 or email  or ask your personal adviser to help you get one.

Personal relationship support

If you find yourself in relationships that you feel are difficult, that are making you unhappy and/or aren’t good for you, your personal adviser can offer support.  For example, they can help with domestic abuse and sexual exploitation issues to make sure you feel safe and stay safe.

Your personal adviser will always respect your gender and sexual identity. They can help you access services that offer support with your sexual and gender identity needs.

Your personal adviser will give you advice and help you to challenge any discrimination you face as a care leaver.

If you are a parent

Your personal adviser can help you find support if you are pregnant or have a young child. Children’s Centres are great places to find things like parenting groups and other support for young families with children under 5.  For more information please see: Childern's Centre Services

If your child is over 5, then the Family Service may be able to help you with parenting support.  To ask for help from the Family Service you, or a professional working with you, should get in touch with the Early Help Unit on 0115 8041248  or

The Parent/Carer Zone on this site provides useful information to parents and parents-to-be.

If you are a first-time teenage mum-to-be, you may also be able to get support through the Family Nurse Partnership (FNP), which is a home visiting service providing on-going support to first-time teenage mothers and their babies (plus fathers and other family members, with mum’s permission).  For more information go to Family Nurse Partnership

Please ask your Personal Adviser how to do this because it will be different if you want some extra support.

 The Healthy Families Teams are also there to support you with your child’s development and health needs.  For more information please see: Healthy Family Teams


Page last reviewed: 06/09/2022

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