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Co-production brings together service users and professionals to review and shape future provision, providing the opportunity to make decisions together and develop relationships.  The Children and Families Act 2014 requires local authorities to involve children and young people with disabilities and their families in discussions and decisions relating to their care and education, as well as in the design and review of services. 

The Co-production Charter was commissioned by the Nottinghamshire  SEND Accountability Board, and has been developed to enhance co-production and engagement activities with service users across the Local Area. 

The Co-production Charter has been co-produced with children, young people and parents, carers to ensure values that are important to them are included. 

The effective implementation of the Charter will lead to:    

  • Improved engagement with service users
  • Improved services which are better designed to meet the needs of service users 
  • Improved outcomes for children, young people with disabilities and their families in Nottinghamshire.

The Co-production Charter Toolkit has been developed  to support services to develop their co-production practices. 

The SEND Accountability Board will be responsible for the monitoring of the Co-production Charter’s roll out and implementation.

Working Together Agreement

Nottinghamshire County Council is committed to providing the best possible service based upon the values of the Co-production Charter.

The Working Together Agreement  outlines what service users can expect from staff working for the Integrated Children's Disability Service (ICDS) and what we ask of you. These standards are based upon Nottinghamshire County Council's Customer Service Standards.

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