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Care Home Bed Tracker about to go live on the 23rd April 2019

Dear Care Home Manager,


Earlier this year NHS England and NHS North England Commissioning Support came together to address the issue of delays in transfer of care, which effects many patients who are waiting for long periods of time before moving on to their agreed destination of choice. On 23 April 2018 a new web-based tool went live in many areas to enable care homes to share their ‘live’ bed vacancies with hospital discharge teams, social care teams and others at a touch of a button and has proved successful. The tool minimises delays in transfer of care for patient and enables providers a ‘live’ situation on bed availability and eliminates the need to call round all care homes in the area, which in turn saves you time in answering multiple calls when you have no beds available.


The care home bed Capacity Tracker is about to go live in your area and I wanted to explain a bit more about it. 


The Capacity Tracker is a website that has been developed by NHS, Local Authority and care home managers, is free to use and makes the process of finding a care home placement as easy as possible.  The Capacity Tracker is very simple to use and only takes 30 seconds to update your capacity once registered. This will mean less phone calls asking about your bed availability and will provide you with a “shop window” to share your available beds as well as other information about your home.  Once you have registered you will be part of a rapidly expanding network of care homes across the country connected by the Capacity Tracker – already more than 2600 care homes can have their bed availability searched by anyone in the country.


To get you setup is very easy. As a care home manager you will need to populate the system with some basic information such as your contact details and a description of the services and bed types you provide.  The system is already prepopulated with information from the CQC database and adding your information shouldn’t take more than a few minutes but if you do need any help we have in place a team of dedicated resources that will provide 1:1 support to walk you through this process.


When a resident leaves your care and a bed becomes available or when you admit someone to your care we ask you to update the bed information about your home.  All this can be done with a few clicks of your mouse.


If you would like register to use the Capacity Tracker or find out more information please go to  Alternatively a member of staff from the NHS NECS (North of England Commissioning Support) Care Home Support Hub team will contact you in the next few weeks to talk to you about the system and help you to register. The contact number for the team is 0191 301 1300.

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